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How to Start Coding Like A Boss


Coding is getting really big these days. The reason is that many things are going the technological route, especially when it comes to what all you can do online. As such, the need to know how to code is becoming more and more important. The good news is that you can find out how to learn to code online for free.

One of the most popular methods is by going with a large established company. Companies like Codeacademy and Google runs online classes that anyone can join and learn to code. The amount of time required for getting a good foundation varies by the type of coding and which company you choose but instruction can last from several days to a couple months.

You can also go with smaller companies or educational facilities and offer all kinds of classes. It is common to find that they are run like colleges with all kinds of classes in all kinds of majors, but they still have extensive coding classes. Some of these include Udemy, Coursera, and the like.

These classes have lessons and assignments where you apply what you’ve learned and receive live feedback. Then they may have you do extensive projects covering multiple languages and quizzes to test your skills along the way. The courses will vary how they end instruction, but many times, it will be one major final project and maybe a test.

I like things like this. Coding can be a lot of work, but it is a very valuable skill in this day and age. I’m glad that it is becoming easier than ever for anyone to learn it.

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