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How To Make Speaking A New Language Easier On Yourself

Learning a new language can be very intimidating if you’re under a time crunch. If you’re going to be visiting a new country where another language is mostly spoken, it can be quite scary if you’re not sure how you will communicate. Luckily, there are a few different ways that can help you learn the language that you want faster than you would in a class or on a program.

The absolute best way to learn a language quickly is by jumping right into a conversation. When you jump into a conversation, you’re forced to try to understand and learn quicker than you would be just studying on your own. If you have the chance to talk to someone that speaks the language you want to learn, try to take advantage of it. This provides a chance for you to practice the words that you may have been studying. You’ll also get to learn new words and phrases. Finding a friend in your home country who speaks your chosen language natively is ideal however, there are other ways you can communicate. For example, many people use Skype to have conversations with other people.

App are another great way to help retain a language. Phone apps such as Duolingo make picking up a new language easier and also fun. It’s newest feature allows your to have a conversation in the app itself, very cool!

Gone are the days of attending a class to learn something. With the whole world connected online there are plenty of online resources (both paid and free) that will help you pick up a language. For example, one of the most popular ways people are learning english is AJ Hoge’s How To Learn English Course. Of course there are many options so reading reviews and watching youtube videos can give you a good idea of what to expect.

language-conversation-learning-dartWhen you are studying words, try to focus more on common words instead of things like clothing or utensils. Think about which words will be the most useful to you. When you’ve gathered a list of words that you think you’ll need the most, create sentences to implement the words.

For example, if you think you’ll need to learn the word for restaurant, you can put it into a sentence asking where restaurants are. A common mistake when learning a language is just trying to learn all of the words you can. Certain words and phrases should be focused on first to ensure that you’re able to communicate, even if it’s not great, with people that speak the language. Here is a list of words for the basic vocabulary in most languages:

A Base Vocabulary List

Even when you feel like you may have a good grasp on the basics, there are going to be some words that you won’t understand. For this reason, it’s a great idea to carry around a pocket dictionary that translates between your language and the language you’re learning. This can prove to be quite helpful if you’re stuck on a word or phrase that you can’t figure out. Without this, you may struggle to understand what people are trying to say to you. Of course, having a smart phone makes looking up difficult words even easier today, so definitely use this to your advantage.

Learning a new language can be intimidating if you’re not sure the best way to learn. Even if you’ve never taken a language class, you can still learn another language. It’s important to always remain positive and not to give up if you get something wrong. It takes a while to learn a new language no matter what your learning method is.