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How Do You Learn Languages Online?


Going with our recent posts on self-improvement, I thought this would be a perfect fit.

Just how do you learn languages online? There’s a shocking number of ways to do it actually. I’ve been personally motivated lately to do it for not one, but actually three different languages. I learned a lot of French in college, and have been trying to brush up on it to keep it fresh. I’ve also been trying to pick up Spanish since there’s a growing demand for bilingual individuals in the workforce. I’ve even been trying to pick up some Japanese since a friend and I are planning on visiting Tokyo in a year or two.

Clearly, I’m a bit spoiled for choice. There are quite a few different options, all depending on how much time you’re willing to invest and how much money you want to put in.

There are of course paid websites where you can learn languages online, and even get one on one tutoring. Those options are probably the most solid bet for how to learn languages online, but certainly not the only ones. Sites like Lynda.com are a great place to start when looking for a course. Of course, if you’re looking to improve your english then there are plenty of options available for you as well. The Effortless English Speaking Course has gotten rave reviews online

Sometimes, you just have to dive in and do it yourself. One of the most popular ways to learn a language these days is using apps on your phone. Particularly Duolingo, there great app starts you right at the beginning and helps your work your way up the language ladder. Check out the video below:

I’ve become very fond of YouTube, as there are quite a few language lesson videos created and uploaded by teachers, educational institutions, and even translators and interpreters. Some embassies and state departments of other countries even have basic language videos to welcome foreigners to their countries.

I’ve also found that participating in forums and social media groups from other countries is a great crash course in learning how to read and write another language online. I have time to sit there and decipher and translate posts before formulating a response. It’s nowhere near the same as speaking and hearing, but learning vocabulary and grammar goes a long way.

If I’m feeling really bold, I’ll Skype or video chat with someone in another language. It’s not hard to find someone fluent in French, Spanish, or Japanese trying to learn English, so we have conversations that go back and forth.